Behind the SLEEZY

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Developed in Brooklyn in 2009, the SLEEZY was born out of the frustration of an apartment full of half-full beer cans, and not a single cold one in the fridge. We reasoned that our friends were losing track of their drinks, and rather than risk the embarrassment of drinking someone else’s, instead retreated to the fridge for a fresh one. As a result, though we’d buy plenty of beer (and lug it home and sometimes up several sets of stairs) we’d run out well before the party was over. Quick to improvise, we grabbed some tube socks and scissors, and the concept of the SLEEZY was born. Eventually, we ran out of socks, and there weren’t enough different designs for all our friends who wanted one. We needed a more permanent solution. This is where you’d insert a development montage if this was a movie. For two years, we tested fabric after fabric, printing methods, stitching, durability, and our own patience. We went to a fabric expo. We actually learned to sew. As that hypothetical (and hypothetically awesome) montage fades out of everyone’s favorite Loverboy song, we find ourselves in present day. Now based in Baltimore, and proudly manufacturing the SLEEZY 100% in the U.S.A., we’re working hard to help you party the way we do. With our SLEEZY on.

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